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We've partnered with gifting industry leaders to give you access to New Zealand's premier Corporate Gifting experience. Let us make every gift more meaningful.

Enquire now and our Corporate Gifting Consultant will create your perfect gift.

Corporate Gifting 

We offer a variety of flowers and gift boxes, and we've teamed up with our sister brands to bring you an even bigger and more unique selection of gifts.

We get it - finding the perfect Corporate Gift can make a big difference, and we're all about making it easy and hassle-free for you. That's why we've put in the work to give you more selection over your Corporate Gifts. We've partnered with top players in the gifting industry to offer you a top-notch experience no matter what you're looking for. Our friendly Corporate Gifting Consultant will take care of everything from your initial idea to the delivery, ensuring you have a fantastic experience throughout. Just tell us what you need and your budget, and we'll handle the rest.

let's create your perfect corporate gift


Auckland Same Day delivery available 7 days, and Next Day delivery nationwide. Our Corporate Consultant Melanie will manage your order from brief to dispatch, making the process easy and supportive.

Extensive Range Of Gifts

We'll work hard to create your perfect Corporate Gift, presenting the best options from our gifting partners to give you the best solution that meets your needs.

Branding & Personalisation 

We'll go the extra mile to make your gift look beautiful and branded. With options including logo cookies, branded cards, ribbon and more. 

- Gift Boxes and Gift Hampers

- Flowers

- Custom Cookies

- Christmas Meat & Hams

and a whole lot more...

- Ribbon 

- Cards

- Stickers 

- Cookies

and more... 

- Auckland same day delivery 7 days

- Nationwide next day delivery

- Add a personalised touch to your gift

- Record one message to send to all, or one for each individual 

- Private & confidential 

Corporate gift ideas

Looking for Corporate Gift ideas that you can send today? Below is a small selection of our corporate gift range that is available for delivery today. 

If you're not after customisation or you're only ordering a small number of Corporate Gifts these are great options to be delivered in a short time frame. 

Our Corporate Clients 


We've partnered with these amazing local businesses to give you access to New Zealand's premier Corporate Gifting Experience.

We work closely with our partners, allowing us to offer you an extensive range of corporate gifts in the New Zealand gifting market, including gift boxes, gift baskets & gift hampers, flowers, Christmas hams, fruit baskets, personalised cookies and more. So no matter what your brief and budget, we can curate the perfect solution for you. 

The Wild rose

The Wild Rose is your great value Florist delivering flowers and gifts NZ wide. With an array of options including fresh flowers, dried flowers, flower gift boxes and more, we provide an extensive range far beyond that of a traditional florist. Delivery can be made nationwide, using our unique flower box.

To find out more:

The Wild Rose Florist NZ
Hello & Cookie Personalised Cookie Gifts NZ

Hello & Cookie

If you're looking for a smaller token of appreciation or a branded addition to any of our Corporate Gift range, look no further than Hello & Cookie.

Get your logo, message or even a photograph printed on our delicious cookie bases, made locally by an award winning NZ baker.  

To find out more:

Paddock to Pantry

Paddock To Pantry specialise in curating premium Corporate Gift Baskets, Gift Hampers and Fruit Baskets filled with the finest local and international artisan products, premium alcohol and gifts. Coming in a locally sourced wooden Gift Basket with wood wool lining, our Paddock To Pantry range provides a premium, more environmentally-friendly gift.

To find out more:

Paddock To Pantry Premium Gift Hampers NZ
Hello & Cookie Personalised Cookie Gifts NZ

The meat box

Dedicated to bringing Kiwi's a better meat experience, The Meat Box are leaders in delivering freshly cut meat New Zealand wide. 

Whether you want to send a Christmas Ham or a Meat Box filled with the most delicious cuts, The Meat Box provide the perfect solution. 

To find out more:

Corporate gifts: Frequently asked questions

What are nice Corporate Gifts?

There are many amazing options that make for nice Corporate Gifts including Gift Boxes, Flowers, Christmas Hams and Gift Baskets. However the right solution comes down to your individual requirements. That's why we have dedicated Corporate Gifting Consultants to work with you on your brief and to create the perfect solution that will have a lasting impression.

What should I give my team at work?

The perfect gift for your team is dependent on an number of factors including your budget, your professional requirements and the personalities within your team. Depending on your brief and budget there are an array of great Corporate Gifts that would make your team smile. Gift Boxes including delicious chocolate, bubbles and a personalised note are always a great option, or for a team of meat lovers sending a Meat Box will make them and their stomachs happy!

Understanding what the members in your team enjoy will make a big impact. For example, if a team member is alcohol-free and you send them a gift with alcohol that's less likely to impress than one that's alcohol-free. A gift is a good demonstration that you know and understand your team, so taking personal preferences into consideration is a good idea. 

Our Corporate Gifting consultants can make it easy for you by creating an array of options that take into consideration the personal preferences of your team.

How do I choose the best Corporate Gift?

Take the pressure off yourself and let one of our Corporate Gifting Consultants do all of the hard work for you. Let our team know your brief and budget and we will come back with corporate gift ideas for you to choose from.

Why do companies gift their employees?

Companies gift their employees as a way to express their gratitude for all of their hard work during the year. They say that a little goes a long way, and it really does with Corporate Gifts. Receiving a thank-you gift from your employer creates goodwill and a positive connection to the company, encouraging employees to want to continue to work for them in the year ahead.

How do you show a client appreciation?

Showing your clients that you appreciate them is incredibly important for maintaining strong relationships. As paying clients, you really want to show that you value and appreciate their support with a gift that acknowledges them and that shows that you know what they like. It's important to take any personal preferences that you know about your client into consideration, such as any dietary restrictions or if they're a non-drinker. Sending a thoughtful corporate gift will create goodwill and continue a strong relationship.

What is a professional gift?

A professional gift is a well considered representation of your brand and an acknowledgement that you know your client well. Incorporating branding elements such as your brand colours, personalised ribbon and a branded cookie creates a beautiful and professional gift that is sure to impress. It's also important that you think about who you're gifting to and enquire if there's any dietary restrictions or personal preferences so you can ensure that they enjoy the gift.

Can I add a personalised message?

Of course you can! We have the ability to add a message inside your Gift Box and you can even record a personal video or voice message to include.