Dried Flowers 

Beautiful dried flower arrangements hand-crafted by our talented florists make for a gift that will keep on giving. 

Want to know more about how we source and arrange our dried flowers? Click here, or scroll to the bottom for our FAQs on dried flower care.

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Want to know more about our Dried Flowers? 

Dried flowers are an exquisite gift for any occasion or as a way to brighten your home.
We work with local NZ growers and international suppliers to create arranged dried bouquets in beautiful colour palettes, including pink, pastel and bright. 

Our local NZ growers include our owner Melanie Kennerley, who hand picks and dries seasonal fresh flowers and foliage in her she-shed in Karaka. 
These dried flowers add a personal touch to every arrangement and are the epitome of locally grown flowers! 

Our expert florists take the delicate dried flowers in your preferred colour palette and hand-craft a unique design for every order. 
This means that your dried flowers may be arranged in a different combination than shown in the photograph, however they’ll always be in the same colour palette and be just as beautiful! 

With a wide array of dried arrangements starting from mini and cute in Ned Collections vases, to bouquets and grand designs created to make an impact in your home, 
we have dried flowers to suit all occasions. 

Want a personalised Dried Flower design? 

We can create beautiful personalised dried flowers based on your specific requirements. Let our talented florists know your preferred colour palette, 

budget and any design preferences and leave the rest to us to create dried flowers that are as unique and beautiful as you are. 

Click here to contact our florists. 

Looking for Wedding Dried Flowers? 

Dried flowers are the perfect floral arrangement for weddings. Check out our Everlasting Love Dried Flower Wedding designs on our wedding packages page here. 

Alternatively, contact our florists to discuss personalised wedding dried flowers created to your brief and budget. 

Needing Event Dried Flowers?

Whether you're hosting an event for 10 or 1,000, dried flowers can be a beautiful table arrangement and a gift to give your attendees that will last forever, 

and continue to act as a reminder of you and your event. 

Contact our florists here to discuss dried flowers for events. 

Dried Flower FAQs

  • How long do dried flowers last?

Dried Flowers are called everlasting flowers for a reason - they're flowers that keep their beauty for much longer than fresh flowers. They can last a minimum of 6 - 12 months if well cared for. Some dried arrangements can last for years! 

  • How do I care For Dried Flowers?

Dried Flowers are extremely low maintenance. Unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers don't need to be watered or have their stems cut regularly. 

Caring for Dried Flowers is more about what not to do then regular maintenance steps. 

What not to do with your Dried Flowers: 

- Don't water your dried flowers. Your dried flowers must remain dry, as the water may cause them to disintegrate or go mouldy. 

- Don't be rough with your dried flowers, handle them with care! Being rough may cause the flowers to shed or break. 

- Don't put them in direct sunlight, humidity or wind. Dried flowers are very delicate and sensitive to the elements. Sunlight, humidity and wind will make your dried flowers fade and shed. 

- Don't leave them covered in dust. Your dried flowers are so easy to care for that they may start collecting dust. If this happens, lightly blow your arrangement with a hair-dryer on a cool setting to remove the dust. 

  • Do you put dried flowers in water?

No. Unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers don't require water. Please don't put water in the vase of your dried flowers and don't water them. Water will cause damage to your dried flowers and may cause them to go mouldy or disintegrate. 

  • Do Dried Flowers Lose their Colour? 

If stored and cared for correctly, your dried flowers should keep their colour for a very long time. After a year or so, or if your flowers have been exposed to sunlight, your dried flowers may begin to fade. 

  • Are dried Flowers more sustainable? 

Both dried flowers and fresh flowers are great gift choice if you're wanting a more sustainable gifting option. As flowers are grown in nature and can decompose to nourish the soil again, flowers have a circular lifecycle compared to manmade gifts.  

Dried Flowers have the added bonus of being long-lasting which helps in sustainability efforts as you're keeping and reusing your flowers over a long period, as opposed to buying new fresh flowers over the same period, taking less resources from the environment. 

  • Do Dried Flowers Smell? 

Dried Flowers don't have a natural fragrance like fresh flowers. If you're wanting a long-lasting fragrance option that looks beautiful, checkout our Cote Noire Real Touch Perfumed Flowers that look like real flowers and diffuse a beautiful fragrance into any room. 

  • How Much Do Dried Flowers Cost? 

Our pre-made arrangements start at $55 which includes a Ned Collections Vase and comes inside a gift box, with your gift message included for free. We can create a dried flower arrangement to any budget. If you have a specific budget in mind, please contact us to discuss. 

  • Do dried Flowers affect allergies?

Dried Flowers don't activate allergies as they don't contain pollen, therefore they're a great flower option for someone with sensitive allergies. If the dried flowers aren't cared for properly and gather dust allergies may be impacted, however using your hair dryer on a cool function to lightly dust your arrangement will remove the dust.