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Dried Flowers Auckland

Dried Flowers – Timeless Elegance

Dried Flowers - an arrangement that keeps on giving! 

A floral arrangement that exudes timelessness and eternal beauty, a growing trend in interior home décor, weddings and fashion. Dried flowers are all the rage this year with their earthy tones, textural elements and subtle pops of colour. Not only do these arrangements make for a gorgeous statement piece in a modern home or add a touch of vintage vogue romance into a room they are also a more sustainable and affordable option with their ever-lasting style.


Dried Flowers Auckland 


From once fresh and living to dried and revived, some of the leaders in fashion have jumped on this trend such as brands like Net-A-Porter flaunting a room full of dried floral artistry and Mandy Moore the singer, songwriter and actress walking down the isle with preserved pastel posies and married under an arch of dried fauna.



Dried Flowers Auckland 


Although the flowers may not require vases of water it is important to understand their delicate petals and leaves still need to be cared for. The team from The Wild Rose recommends when purchasing your floral arrangement once home to follow these steps to increase their longevity:

- Display the florals indoors and out of direct sunlight

- Ensure they are in a cool/dry room away from any humidity

- Use a hairdryer on a low setting with a cool heat to remove dust

- Use cedar chips or a specially prepared nontoxic repellent formula when storing dried flowers to prevent moths or other insects from damaging them.


The Wild Rose has many options from everlasting flowers in a ceramic pots, to floral wreaths for a chic yet delicate touch.

Preserved in store, we can also create Dried Flower arrangements to your needs with the option for customisation available for all occasions such as weddings, birthdays or just simply a little something to share with a loved one.


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