The Art Of Gift Giving with the 5 Love Languages

The Art Of Gift Giving with the 5 Love Languages

Valentine's Flowers are more than just blooms; they carry whispers of love in the language of petals and scents. At The Wild Rose, we understand the significance of choosing the perfect gift. While red roses remain a classic choice, this year, we invite you to explore the deeper symbolism behind each flower and tailor your selection to speak directly to your loved one's heart.

Our Valentine's Day collection offers more than just beauty; these floral gifts serve as bespoke messengers of affection, honouring the five love languages. Whether your partner values words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, physical touch, or receiving gifts, our guide is brimming with practical advice to help you craft the impeccable Valentine's Day surprise.


The Significance of Valentine's Day Flowers

Valentine's Day flowers are not just gifts; they're time-honoured emblems that capture the essence of love. With roses as the most popular choice, symbolising romance and beauty, these blooms have become synonymous with expressing deep affection on this special day.

Roses stand out in the tradition of giving flowers because their rich history intertwines with tales of Greek gods and timeless myths, illustrating how red roses came to represent romantic love. Their universal language speaks volumes without uttering a single word. Yet beyond crimson petals lies a spectrum: pink roses whisper admiration, white ones echo purity while yellow blossoms beam friendship.

The Art Of Gift Giving with the 5 Love Languages 

Valentine's Day isn't just about showering your loved one with gifts; it's a chance to speak directly to their heart in a language they understand best. The concept of love languages offers insight into how people express and receive love, making February 14th the perfect day for tuning into these heartfelt dialects.


Step 1: Start by finding their favourite flower! 

Top Picks for Valentine's Flowers at The Wild Rose

When love is in the air, nothing says 'I adore you' quite like a hand-picked selection of flowers. At The Wild Rose, we understand that each petal and hue carries its own message of affection. That's why our Valentine's Day collection boasts an array of blooms to suit every expression of romance.

Roses Symbolising Romance

Pink roses whisper sweet nothings and white roses echo pure intentions, but it’s the classic red rose that reigns supreme on Valentine’s Day—its rich colour echoing deep passion with their elegant stems standing tall, they represent perfect love without saying a word.

Exotic Orchids Symbolising Strength

If you’re aiming for something less traditional yet equally impactful, consider exotic orchids which stand out from other Valentine's day flowers delivery options due to their unique beauty conveying strength and luxury—a powerful testament to an enduring bond between two people. 

Sunflowers Represent Happiness 

The subtle charm of sunflowers can often be overlooked amidst flashier options; however, this shouldn't be so. Their variety speaks volumes with vibrant yellows bringing cheer and happiness with them. What better way to treat make you friend feel involved and loved during Valentines. 


Step 2: Love Their Way

We believe here at The Wild Rose that the perfect gift isn’t just Roses, that’s just the starting point. It starts with Roses or their favourite flowers and builds into their perfect gift no matter how they like to be loved. 

Words of Affirmation Through Personalised Messages

If your partner cherishes words of affirmation, then thoughtful notes accompanying blooms are surefire winners. Picture this: alongside an exquisite bouquet featuring red roses—a timeless emblem of romance—lies a handwritten note bearing soul-stirring sentiments that could rival Shakespeare's sonnets. This personalised touch transforms flowers from mere objects to carriers of deep emotional resonance.

The act goes beyond saying 'I love you' – it is affirming why you adore them, creating echoes that linger far longer than even the most beautiful mixed arrangements can last.

All of our gifts also come with a free The Wild Rose card however we also sell a beautiful array of cards at the store especially during Valentines that are the perfect way to get your feelings from your heart to your loved one. 

Creating Lasting Memories Through Quality Time & Acts of Service

For those who cherish acts of service & quality time, a meticulously chosen floral arrangement can speak volumes however why not add a little sprinkle to that. it's about going beyond the mere gesture and adding layers to your act that show you truly understand them. Sometimes, quality time means crafting shared experiences adorned by beauty— this is where we come in. Envision orchestrating an intimate dinner framed by a beautiful floral centrepiece. 

Picture this: you and your partner surrounded by a backdrop of pink and yellow roses, enjoying each other's company as you share a beautifully cooked meal, surrounded by flickering candles. It's these snapshots in time where love blossoms.

The key is to start early by securing a breathtaking mixed bouquet from The Wild Rose, carefully selecting each flower to tell your unique love story. 

Incorporate indoor activities into your day; imagine a fun night with board games or a lush afternoon with paint & sip. Finally end the night with a delicious home cooked meal to go the extra mile. We have teamed up with The Meat Box to bring you delicious fresh cut meat, perfect for date night. They have a variety of different cuts available to choose from, just select your partners favourite cuts, choose a delivery date and use code: ‘FRESH’ for 10% off.


Unique Gift Pairings for Receiving Gifts Love Language

If your partner's heart skips a beat at the thought of receiving gifts, pairing Valentine's Day flowers with something extra can make their day truly memorable. It's about hitting that sweet spot between beautiful blooms and a thoughtful addition that says 'you're special'. So, how about we tickle their fancy?

Consider customising bouquets to reflect what they adore. If they melt over pink roses, why not add in some white or yellow ones? They'll appreciate the effort you've put into making it just right for them. Or opt for beautiful red roses. They're like saying "you're my perfect love" without uttering a word.

To make this gift-giving experience unforgettable, throw in an unexpected twist – perhaps one of House of Chocolates exclusive Valentines treats or a Venchi Heart nestled amongst red flowers or even attaching gift cards discreetly within the bouquet featuring their favourite shops or experiences. We also have beautiful and quinine gift boxes to elevate your gift and make your Valentines blush. Wether she likes treats, candles, alcohol or soft toys, we have a box for everything. 


Nurturing Physical Touch Through Sensory Floral Experiences

Valentine's Day blooms and candles are not just a feast for the eyes and nose but can also be an enchanting sensory delight, evoking physical closeness. To those who treasure physical touch as their love language, selecting flowers that invite caresses is key. Choose arrangements with varied textures such as smooth lilies or soft roses! Interactive bouquet that beg to be touched and admired up close. Pick candles with beautiful seats that remind them of love and homes, a smell so cosy that you can’t help but to cuddle on the couch with your person that feels like home. 

The gesture of hand-delivering a beautiful mixed arrangement with a fragrant candle signals personal attention and care; it's like sending love through every stem, every smell, every feel. 


Step 3: Planning Your Surprise with Timely Flower Delivery

No one wants their heartfelt gesture to turn up late, so getting your Valentine's Day flower delivery spot on is key. With same-day & overnight options available for those spur-of-the-moment decisions, you can breathe easy knowing that even at the eleventh hour, your romantic surprise won't miss the mark.

To sidestep disappointment and make sure your blooms arrive in pristine condition, it's smart to order early. Especially because what we learnt from previous years is that we quickly fill up delivery slots and have to pause taking orders as it get’ closer to Valentines. Early birds don't just catch worms; they also get peace of mind and a guarantee that their token of affection will reach its destination on time. And we want to make sure that your Valentine get’s something truely special this year. 

Take it from satisfied customers who've been there before: nothing beats seeing the smile on your loved one's face when a stunning bouquet arrives without a hitch. That seamless experience often comes down to choosing reliable convenient flower delivery options. 



So, you've journeyed through the world of Valentines Flowers. You now know roses are not just flowers; they're timeless emblems of romance. And roses? They spell out perfect love.

Let's reflect on what we've learned. Choosing blooms that resonate with your loved one speaks volumes more than words ever could.

Keep it personal; a note can transform a simple petal into an echo of your heart’s whisper. Time matters too – order those beautiful blooms, order the meat for date night, draw that bath. You’ve got this in hand now—the tools for making Valentine's Day unforgettable with the right bouquet and a touch of thoughtfulness.

Sending love is an art, after all—and The Wild Rose helps turn feelings into floral masterpieces every day. 


Just looking for flowers? 

How to Choose the Perfect Flower Arrangement

Finding the right flower colour can be a game-changer when you're looking to make an impact. Red roses are a classic, screaming 'I love you' without uttering a word. But don't overlook pink roses for their charm in whispering affection or white roses that echo purity and new beginnings. For those who fancy something less traditional, yellow roses bring joy and cheer.

Personalised flower arrangements speak volumes about thoughtfulness. A bouquet featuring your partner's favourite blooms paired with meaningful love quotes is like sending them a personal sonnet wrapped in petals – it shows you've listened and care deeply about what makes them smile.

If roses tug at your heartstrings as much as they do ours, remember they stand for perfect love – quite fitting for Valentine’s Day. Order flowers early from 1-800-Flowers, so this beautiful mixed message of devotion arrives on time to capture the essence of your feelings.