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Flower Care

Flowers are a perishable commodity. This section is dedicated to information that helps you to extend the life of your flowers upon arrival and through its vase life.
Extending flower life upon arrival:
Remove bottom wrap. Keep the tying ribbon and top wrap in place as it is already arranged for you. Cut stems on an angle and place in a vase with warm water. Change water daily and re-cut stems each time.
Water Filled Box
Your flowers are already arranged beautifully for you so no further adjustments are necessary. Check water level daily and total replacement on 2nd or 3rd day.
Your arrangement is done in oasis. Water on arrival and check level daily.
Some helpful tips on caring for your flowers:
Please keep away from direct sunlight, hot appliances, drafts and fruit bowls.
If stems or blooms suddenly wilt and droop then cut the stem on a slight angle and place in 1-2cm boilng water for 1 minute. Cut off the burnt part then place in deep cold water until the flower is turgid again. This usually occurs in roses and gerberas when there is blockage in the stems. The boling water releases the blockage allowing the uptake of water again.