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This section will include some interesting articles and links to related floral topics. We hope that the information will help with your gift selection
Wedding Anniversaries:
1st         Paper, Clocks                2nd        Cotton, China                3rd         Leather, Crystal
4th         Fruit, Flowers                5th         Wood, Silverware           6th         Candy, Iron,Wood
7th         Wood, Copper               8th         Bronze, Linen                9th         Pottery, Leather
10th       Tin, Diamond                 11th       Steel, Jewellery             12th       Silk, Pearls
13th       Lace, Fur                      14th       Ivory, Gold Jewellery       15th       Crystal, Watches
20th       China, Platinum             25th       Silver                             30th       Pearl, Diamond
35th       Coral, Jade                    40th       Ruby                             50th       Gold
55th       Emerald                        60th       Diamond                        75th       Diamond
Birthstone and Flowers:
Month                         Birthstone                                 Flower
January                        Garnet                                       Carnation
February                       Amethyst                                  Iris
March                          Aquamarine                                Daffodil
April                             Diamond                                    Sweet Pea
May                             Emerald                                     Lilly of the Valley
June                             Pearl                                         Rose
July                              Ruby                                         Tulip or Water Lilly
August                         Peridot                                       Gladiolus or Poppy
September                   Sapphire                                     Aster                                       
October                        Opal, Tourmaline                         Calendula, Marigold, Cosmos
November                     Citrine, Yellow Topaz                   Chrysanthemum
December                     Turquoise, Blue Topaz                 Poinsettia, Orchid, Narcissus